■About N.G.O. Un Mundo Mejor
N.G.O. Un Mundo Mejor in Bolivia, South America, was founded to support welfare charities and environmental protection activities.
We have “Ozone Tree Project” as a project of all those activities.
We are confident that this project is very helpful in protecting global environment.
It can also lead children to the bright future.
Please be aware and learn what is going on at this moment on the other side of the Earth.
Then, let’s think and take action together what we can do.
We plead for your understanding and support.
This organization attaches importance to the support of educational promotion for children. We became N.G.O. on January 17th, 2007 through education and welfare promotion for fifteen years.

■The Objective of Foundation
In this 21st century, there is no end to educational gap and working children in South America.
There are so many countries that compulsory education is not guaranteed.
As a result of trying to have richer lives, many children are working.
Causal relationship exists in income differential between The First World countries and The Third World countries.

In the 21st century, you can obtain any information around the world if you have a PC.
It is useful to support education by giving the children the opportunities to study at home. Of course, computers are essential at school as well.
However, often times children never have the opportunities to touch the PCs at school in the countries called The Third World.
Many children have never even seen it in their lives. That is because of income differential between The First World countries and The Third World countries as previously mentioned.
To put it plainly, the price of one PC is equal to the price of rent for a year in The Third World countries.
As you can see, there is no way they can afford a computer and of course school will not budget for it.
The most important thing for human beings is to live, so it is very natural that lives are more important than a PC for them.

Due to income differential, many children have to let go of the opportunities for education and are yet working to meet the end.
Probably people in The First World countries cannot even imagine this reality.
Those children are working very hard all day long for their existence than having hopes and dreams for their future.

Our organization, N.G.O. Un Mundo Mejor, pleads with people in The First World countries such as yourself to understand this reality.
We promote education and welfare hoping for those children in The Third World countries to have happy lives with pure dreams and hopes that they have inside.
Once again, we plead for your understanding and support.

N.G.O. Un Mundo Mejor
Project promotion
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Tel / Fax; 1-424-259-3454



In 2007, we held a charity concert for relief operation of flood disaster..

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