â– Registration for V Member

When you apply for registering V Member, please read below carefully and accept all subjects that our organization, N.G.O. Un Mundo Mejor (UMM) states.
We expect you to promote environmental protection fairly.

• After confirming the payment of your registration fee, we will examine your application and then the your registration will be valid.

• The term of validation is one year, and it will delete from the list or renew automatically according to the circumstances of your activities.

• About deleting or modification of the registration, please email us.

• Participating projects of UMM is according to your own free will.
• Do not compel anyone to join any events at any reasons.
• In case of us finding out, we will investigate and deprive of his or her membership.
• The member of UMM must be aware of belonging environmental protection organization and act accordingly.

e-mail ;info@ozonetree.com



In 2007, we held a charity concert for relief operation of flood disaster.

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