â– About handling personal information

The personal information that we collect in applying our programs is handled and kept safely under the strict supervision as N.G.O. Un Mundo Mejor (UMM) states policies below.

What is personal information?
• Personal information is that people recognize the person with the information. Examples of personal information are name, address, email address, phone number, fax number and so on.
• Also, If people do not recognize the person with the information, but they can compare with other information and recognize the person, we include those types of information as well.

Supervision of personal information
• Personal information is kept and supervised by UMM.

Deleting registered information
• When an applicant requests deleting his or her personal information, we will delete it completely from the database.
• Deleting or changing information of registration for email, please contact us via email.

Showing to the third person
• UMM will not show anyone any registered personal information as long as we have his or her permission.
• We may show the personal information in case that we must show it according to the law, or we judge rationally that it is necessary to show it in order to protect right, property, and safety of UMM and other applicants.

Offering the information to the applicants
• We may send emails to the applicants when we have events in the future.



In 2007, we held a charity concert for relief operation of flood disaster.

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