In 2007, we held a charity concert for relief operation of flood disaster.

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â– Ozone Tree Project
It is said that Amazon forest turns 1/4 of carbon dioxide in the world into oxygen.
In these years, it has been destroyed by cutting trees for cultivation or producing charcoal in industries.
It is said that 45% of destruction of the tropical rain forest is caused by mobile burn firming.
Burn firming is an agricultural method that farmers burn the forest.
But the field that is made by burning the tropical rain forest is poor, so the farmers have to move to a different place.

In South America, many trees are cut in vast area of the tropical rain forest for ranches in order to grazing the livestock.
And, cutting the trees for lumber is one of the biggest causes of destroying the tropical rain forest.
Huge trees in Amazon forest only grow a couple inches (centimeters) a year.
Those huge trees have been grown for hundreds and thousands of years.
We are consuming a large quantities of assets (huge trees) that nature have created over thousands of years.
It takes one hundred, two hundreds years or more to build a forest.
A lot of big companies plant trees, but basically you cannot rebuild a new tropical rain forest by planting trees.
We need to value and cherish it as it is.

Accordingly, N.G.O. Un Mundo Mejor has started a project, which is to protect Amazon forest from cutting and burning trees by purchasing vast area of Amazon forest and you can be the owner of one of the trees.
Through this project, you can directly protect the tropical rain forest.
Please join and help us!!

Click here purchasing ozone trees and donation
Please save as many ozone trees as possible!!